Optoelectronics TIG

Optical Device Inspection and Cleaning Program

Optical interconnect technology is the preferred solution for high-speed communications, and cleanliness of fiber optic connectors is recognized as a basic requirement for the successful operation of optical networks. iNEMI's Optical Device Inspection and Cleaning Program is developing guidelines for cleaning and inspection to help industry assure performance and reliability. Standardized guidelines can also reduce the delays and expense of additional cleaning and inspection; plus it is much easier (i.e., less costly) for a supplier to meet a single set of guidelines than to meet different specifications for each individual customer.
This program continues the work of iNEMI's Fiber Optic Connector End-Face Inspection Project. The program will focus on research in the following areas:
  • Investigate impact of connector particle thickness
  • Investigate impact of contamination and scratches on 40G optical signal transmission and develop recommendations for connector end-face cleanliness inspection criteria
  • Develop receptacle lens cleanliness inspection criteria
This program will collaborate with the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC), Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), and IPC to develop a cleanliness standard. The project will also focus on improving the cleaning process and prevention of fiber end-face contamination.

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