iNEMI Optoelectronics TIG and Project Meeting Presentations at OFC 2016

Held at OFC 2016 Conference
Anaheim, California
March 21, 2016

Introductions and iNEMI Overview
David Godlewski, iNEMI
Development of Cleanliness Specification for Expanded Beam Connectors Project
Tatiana Berdinskikh, Celestica
Impact of Dust on Insertion Loss for MT12F MM Lens Plate
Tom Coughlin, Molex
Image Processing of Expanded Beam Connectors
Doug Wilson, FiberQA
Optical Modeling of Insertion Loss for Expanded Beam Connectors
Christine Chen, Foxconn Interconnect Technology
PSMC Photonics Updates
Bob Pfahl, iNEMI
PRIZM-MT Insertion Loss vs Contamination Correlation (Preliminary Data)
Tom Mitcheltree, USConec
Dust Maze:  Controlled Application of Dust and Measurement of Insertion Losses
Kevin Chaloupka, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Scratch Detection Round Robin Procedure Workflow
Vitalina Rudyk, Sumix
iNEMI Roadmap, Review
David Godlewski, iNEMI