Industry Outreach

While the iNEMI methodology is fairly comprehensive in representing the views of leadership organizations, there are many situations where a broader industry input can be useful to members of iNEMI as well as to the industry at large.  We utilize a number of tactics to gain such insights:


Public workshops provide a platform for sharing solutions and best practices as identified by participants.  We encourage participation by relevant supply chain members to help ensure a balanced view.  The results are shared widely to both participants and other stakeholders that show interest. These events spend a significant portion of time in exchange of ideas through small break-out groups, and the output is shared, and discussed with, all attendees. A key result, or output, of these workshops is a set of prioritized challenges to be addressed by industry and/or individual firms in follow-up activities.

Whitepapers & Position Papers

Often, a small group of interested parties or a project team will develop a whitepaper or position statement that can accelerate the industry convergence on a particular set of issues.

Technical Papers

Technical papers are often written by iNEMI members — typically, project teams — to help broaden the knowledge base of the industry.            


iNEMI is providing me an incredible window into the industry and the
opportunity to be connected at a very low cost with everybody in the industry.
Jean-Luc Pelissier, Universal Instruments