Conference Papers and Presentations_Original

Board Assembly

iNEMI Study on Board Creep Corrosion, presented by Haley Fu (iNEMI) at the CEEDI (China Electronics Engineering Design Institute) Technical Seminar on Data Center IT Equipment Corrosion by Gaseous Contamination and Measures (Beijing, China; April 24, 2012).
iNEMI Experimental Investigation on Creep Corrosion, presented by Haley Fu (iNEMI) at ICEP-IAAC 2012 (Tokyo, Japan; April 19, 2012)
iNEMI Solder Paste Deposition Project Report‚ Laye Feng (Huawei Technologies), SMTA China South Technical Conference (August 31, 2010; Shenzhen, China).    paper (English)    presentation (Chinese)
iNEMI Solder Paste Deposition Project Report, Cherie Chen (IST), et al, iMPACT (International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly & Circuits Technology) Conference (October 21; Taipei, Taiwan)    paper presentation
iNEMI Solder Paste Deposition Project-First Stage Review - Optimizing Solder Paste Printing for Large and Small Components, Laye Feng (Huawei Technologies), SMTA South China, August 26, 2009, Shenzhen.   
iNEMI White Paper on Development of a Methodology to Determine Risk of Counterfeit Use (October 2013)
iNEMI Position Statement on the Limits of Temperature, Humidity and Gaseous Contamination in Data Centers and Telecommunication Rooms to Avoid Creep Corrosion on Printed Circuit Boards (April 2012)


Sustainable Electronics, presented by Bob Pfahl (iNEMI), to the Sustainable Electronics Forum (October 17, 2012; Wingspead, Wisconsin). The Forum was sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, The Green Electronics Council, and the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread.
iNEMI Pb-Free Electronics Activity, presented by Robert Pfahl (iNEMI), Pb- Free Electronics Risk Management (PERM) Consortium Meeting No. 13 (National Electronics Museum; Linthicum Heights, Maryland; July 31, 2012)
Data Assessment and Collection for a Simplified LCA Tool, Thomas Okrasinski (Alcatel-Lucent), John Malian (Cisco) and James Arnold (iNEMI), presented by Tom Okrasinski, Carbon Management Technology Conference (February 7-9, 2012; Orlando, Florida)    paper    presentation
Environmental Accomplishments and Opportunities, Bob Pfahl (iNEMI), 2011 ISSST (05/16/11; Chicago, Illinois)
Industry Collaboration Driving Proactive Environmental Improvements (distributed to participants of SAICM Workshop; 3/29/11; Vienna, Austria)
iNEMI HFR-Free Programs (presented at ENFIRO Conference, 3/15/11; Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
iNEMI Panel Session (November 9, 2010), Going Green — CARE Innovation 2010 (November 8-11, 2010; Vienna, Austria)
iNEMI HFR-Free Leadership Project Report, Stephen Tisdale (Intel), et al, iMPACT (International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly & Circuits Technology) Conference (October 21, 2010; Taipei, Taiwan)    paper presentation
Toward a Sustainable World through Electronic Systems and Information Technology, Bob Pfahl (iNEMI), Innovation in Computing and Information Technology for Sustainability, Computer Science & Telecommunication Board Workshop, National Academy of Sciences (May 26, 2010; Washington, D.C.)
“The Evolving Direction for Environmental Programs in the Electronics Industry,” Robert C. Pfahl (iNEMI), Systems Packaging Japan Workshop 2010 (January 25, 2010; Kyoto, Japan)
Industry Transition to Halogen-free Platforms, John Davignon (Intel) and Robert Pfahl (iNEMI), IDF2009 (Intel Developer Forum), September 22, 2009; San Francisco, California
iNEMI HFR-Free Program Introduction, Haley Fu (iNEMI), SMTA South China, August 26, 2009, Schenzen. (This paper received recognition as the Best Paper of Technology Conference Two and was also presented at ICEPT- HDP, August 13, 2009; Beijing, China).
paper — English
paper — iNEMI 无卤化阻燃剂项目报告
Addressing Opportunities and Risks of Pb-Free Solder Alloy Alternatives, Gregory Henshall (Hewlett-Packard); Robert Healey, Ranjit S. Pandher (Cookson Electronics); Keith Sweatman, Keith Howell (Nihon Superior); Richard Coyle, Joe Smetana (Alcatel Lucent); Thilo Sack, Polina Snugovsky (Celestica); Stephen Tisdale, Fay Hua (Intel) and Grace O'Malley (iNEMI); presented by Grace O'Malley, EMPC/European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference (June 16, 2009; Rimini, Italy)
Conversion to Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants in Electronics, presented by Bob Pfahl and translated by Haley Fu (both iNEMI), part of a high-level business forum sponsored by Reed Exhibitions and co-sponsored by iNEMI, held in conjunction with NEPCON Shanghai/SMTA China East Technical Conference (April 22, 2009; Shanghai)
iNEMI Pb-Free and HFR-Free Forum, APEX 2009 (April 2; Las Vegas, Nevada)
iNEMI Pb-Free Alloy Characterization Papers at SMTA 2012 (as originally published in the 2012 SMTA International Conference Proceedings) (Orlando, Florida; October 17, 2012)

Medical Electronics

2013 SMTA/iNEMI Medical Electronics Symposium, November 12-13; 2013 (Milpitas, California)
Closing Technology Gaps for the Medical Electronics Industry - iNEMI Medical Project and Initiative Review, presented by Chuck Richardson (iNEMI), MEPTEC & SMTA 2012 Medical Electronics Symposium, September 27, 2012 (Arizona State University)
Closing Technology Gaps for the Medical Electronics Industry, Jim McElroy (iNEMI), 2011 Medical Electronics Symposium: Vital Technologies for Health (sponsored by MEPTEC and SMTA), September 27, 2011 (Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona)
Failure Mechanisms, Acceptance Criteria, and Accelerated Test Procedures for Electronic Components Used in Active Implantable Medical Devices: Capacitors, iNEMI Medical Reliability for MLCCs (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors) Project, presented by Grady White, NIST, SMTA/MEPTEC 2009 Medical Electronics Symposium, September 16-17, 2009 (Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona).


MEMS Packaging: Transforming the Challenges into Solutions, presented by Chuck Richardson, Director of Roadmapping (iNEMI) and Bill Bottoms (3MTS and iNEMI/ITRS & Packaging TWG Chair); webinar was hosted by MIG


Presentations from iNEMI meeting at OFC/NFOEC 2012 (March 18, 2013; Anaheim, California).
Presentations from iNEMI meeting at OFC/NFOEC 2012 (March 5, 2012; Los Angeles, California).
“Contamination Effects on Optical Performance for Short Reach 10Gb/s SFP+ Transceivers,” Fiber Connector End-Face Inspection Project team, Poster Session II, OFC/NFOEC (March 24, 2010; San Diego, California).
Contamination Effects on Lens-Based Optics Modules: Modeling and Experimental Analysis, Christine Chen (Avago Technologies), Yutaka Sadohara (Sumitomo Electric), Tatiana Berdinskikh (Celestica International Inc.), David Fisher (Tyco Electronics), Sun-Yuan Huang (Emcore Corp), Brian J. Roche and Beth Coviello (Cisco Systems Inc.), and Douglas H. Wilson (PVI Systems Inc.), poster session at OFC/NFOEC 2009, March 26 (San Diego, California).

Organic PCB & Packaging

Challenges to Increasing Wiring Density for Organic Packaging Substrates, presented by Masahiro Tsuriya (iNEMI) at ICEP-IAAC 2012 (Tokyo, Japan; April 20, 2012)
iNEMI Investigations Focus on Copper Wire Bonding, presented by Haley Fu (iNEMI) at SMTA (April 25, 2012; Shanghai, China).  
Current Industry Adoption of Fine-Pitch Cu Wire Bonding and Investigation Focus at iNEMI, presented by Grace O'Malley (iNEMI), at European Microelectronics Package Conference (EMPC), (September 2011; Brighton, England)  
Technology Trends & Roadmaps for Package Innovation (keynote address), Grace O’Malley (iNEMI), NMI's (National Microelectronics Institute's) IC Packaging Innovation Forum at TWI (May 26, 2011; Cambridge, UK)   
iNEMI Projects Addressing High-Complexity Packaging and Test Challenges (presented at Smart Systems Integration Conference; 3/23/11; Dresden, Germany)


iNEMIRoadmapActivities In EmergingTechnologies,presented by ChuckRichardson(iNEMI)(Orlando,Florida; October15,2012)
iNEMIRoadmapIssues In EmergingTechnologies Panel Discussion(iNEMImembers only file), presented by Chuck Richardson(iNEMI)(Orlando,Florida; October15,2012)
The iNEMI Roadmap– A Systems Approach to Closing Technology Gaps,presented by Jim McElroy (iNEMI) at the CMC Symposium (October11,2012;Toronto, Canada)
HighlightsfromiNEMI'sRoadmapActivities, presented by Chuck Richardson(iNEMI)at ITRS SummerMeeting, (July9,2012;Monterey, California)
HighlightsfromiNEMI'sRoadmapActivities, presented by Grace O'Malley(iNEMI)at ITRS More than Moore Workshop(April25,2012;Noordwijkerhout,The Netherlands)
2011iNEMITechnology Roadmapand Its Place in Fulfilling the iNEMIMission,presented by Chuck Richardson(iNEMI)at CARTS International (March26,2012;Las Vegas, Nevada)
iNEMIRoadmapProcess & Industry CollaborationProjects to Close RoadmapGaps,Bill Bader (iNEMI),presented at IMAPS Global Business Council (March5,2012;Scottsdale,Arizona)
FutureChallengesfor ElectronicsManufacturing: Highlightsfrom the iNEMITechnologyRoadmap, Grace O’Malley(iNEMI),ZukenEngineeringDayUK(ZEDUK)(November2,2011;Cosford, Shropshire,UK).
iNEMIFlexible ElectronicsRoadmap, DanGamota (Printovate),WorkshoponNanofabricationTechnologies for Roll-to-Roll Processing(September27,2011;Boston Massachusetts)
KEYNOTE:Highlightsof 2011iNEMITechnology Roadmap, presented by BillBader (iNEMI),September 13,2011,EuropeanMicroelectronics PackageConference (EMPC),Brighton, England.
“TechnologyTrends & Roadmapsfor Package Innovation"(keynoteaddress), Grace O’Malley(iNEMI),NMI's (NationalMicroelectronicsInstitute's) IC PackagingInnovation Forum at TWI (May26,2011;Cambridge,UK)
“iNEMIRoadmapHighlights,”Chuck Richardson(iNEMI),SMTAI2010(October27;Orlando,Florida)
“iNEMIFlexible ElectronicsRoadmap– From Concept to Product,” DanielGamota (Printovate),National Academies Symposium(September24,2010;Washington,D.C.)
"iNEMI Roadmapfor Solid StateIllumination‚" Haley Fu (iNEMI),ICEPT-HDP(August18,2010;Xi'an,China)  paper                         presentation
“iNEMIRoadmapHighlights,”Haley Fu (iNEMI),SEIPIGeneral Membershipmeeting (July23,2010;Baguio, Philippines)
Passives— The Road Ahead (highlightsfrom the Passives Chapter of the2009iNEMIRoadmap),Grace O’Malley(iNEMI),Workshopon PassiveTechnology, TC40 meeting, Cambridge,UK,September 9,2009.
ClosingTechnology Knowledge Gaps — Projects Arising from the iNEMITechnology Roadmap,Bob Pfahl, Jim Arnold and Grace O'Malley(iNEMI),presented by Grace O'Malley,EMPC/EuropeanMicroelectronics andPackagingConference (June18,2009;Rimini,Italy)
iNEMIRoadmapProcess for CommunicatingRequirementsfrom OEMstoSuppliers,Grace O’Malley,10thJIC (JISSOInternational Council) meeting,May 19,2009(heldat LETI/Minatecin Grenoble, France).
2009iNEMIRoadmap(keynote),Grace O’Malley(iNEMI),Astride thePackagingRoadmapSeminar,held at TWI Limited,April 22,2009(Cambridge,UnitedKingdom).
2009iNEMIRoadmapKeynote and Chapter Discussions,NEPCONShanghai/SMTAChina EastTechnical Conference (April21,2009;Shanghai)
2009iNEMITechnology RoadmapForum, APEX 2009(March31;Las Vegas,Nevada)
The2009iNEMIRoadmapfor Solid StateIllumination (SSI),presented byMarc Chason (consultant),at the FlexTech Alliance’s 8thAnnualFlexibleElectronics& DisplaysConference (Session9:Solid StateLighting&Flexible OLEDs),February 4,2009(Phoenix,Arizona).


Board Assisted BIST: Long and Short Term Solutions for Testpoint Erosion – Reaching into the DfX Toolbox, presented by Zoe Conroy (Cisco) to International Test Conference (ITC) (Anaheim, California; November 8, 2012)
iNEMI Projects Addressing High-Complexity Packaging and Test Challenges (presented at Smart Systems Integration Conference; 3/23/11; Dresden, Germany)
Built-In Self-Test (BIST) Survey – An Industry Snapshot of HVM Component BIST Usage at Board and System Test, Zoë Conroy (Cisco), Hui Li and Jun Balangue (Agilent Technologies), IEMT Conference (November 30 – December 2, 2010; Melaka, Malaysia)
Report on iNEMI Boundary-Scan Adoption Project and Future Plans, Philip B. Geiger (Dell Inc.), Steve Butkovich (Cisco Systems Inc.), Haley Fu and Grace O’Malley (iNEMI), ESTC 2010 (Electronics Systems Integration Technology Conference) September 13-16, 2010, Berlin)
Boundary-Scan Adoption – An Industry Snapshot with Emphasis on the Semiconductor Industry, Philip B. Geiger, Dell Inc., and Steve Butkovich, Cisco Systems Inc., International Test Conference (November 1-6, 2009; Austin, Texas).