iNEMI Featured in Two APEX Forums

NEMI is featured in two of the APEX "buzz sessions" (i.e., free forums open to all attendees).  The first one provides a sneak peak at the 2013 Roadmap (scheduled to be released to industry in early April), and the second focuses on sustainability, with reports and updates from several of iNEMI's environmental projects.  If you're attending APEX this year, be sure to join us on Thursday for both these session.

(BZ7) iNEMI / IPC  Technology Roadmaps       
Thursday, February 21, 10:15-11:45 am PST
Room 6D - San Diego Convention Center
Presenter: Chuck Richardson, iNEMI Director of Roadmapping

Chuck will present iNEMI's 2013 roadmaps for printed circuit cards and electronics assemblies, and will discuss the major trends in the evolution of technology across multiple disciplines, with an emphasis on the identification of disruptive technology.

(BZ8) iNEMI Sustainability Forum
Thursday, February 21, 1:30 - 3:30 pm PST
Room 6D - San Diego Convention Center
Moderator: Robert Pfahl, iNEMI Vice President of Global Operations

iNEMI will host a two-hour session to review our most recent environmental projects and to introduce future sustainability initiatives that are under development.  Presenters will report on results from three recently completed projects, and discuss new initiatives being organized.

HFR-Free High-Reliability PCB Project -- This recently completed, four-year collaboration looked at the availability of HFR-free materials and assessed thermo/mechanical and electrical properties of select materials in order to determine their ability to support high-reliability applications.

PVC Alternatives Project -- Seven of the top 10 global PC manufacturers - who represent more than 50% of the worldwide market share for PCs - have set goals to phase out PVC where viable alternatives are identified. This project helped identify those alternatives by conducting a cradle-to-grave lifecycle assessment of PVC and PVC-free alternatives.

Eco-Impact Evaluator for ICT Equipment -- This project developed a framework and a simplified proof-of-concept tool for estimating environmental impact of information and communication technology equipment that will allow companies to more quickly and easily evaluate and optimize design trade-offs.  Such a tool can aid in early design-for-environment processes that can be embedded into a company's product life cycle.

Future Initiatives -- Several new activities were identified during the iNEMI forum at the Electronics Goes Green conference (September 2012, Berlin) and collaborative efforts are currently being organized.

Schedule a meeting
Several of the iNEMI staff will be at APEX.  If you are attending and would like to meet with with one of us while there, please contact:

      Cynthia Williams
      +1 (207) 671-7780 (mobile)