iNEMI Organizes Four New Packaging Initiatives

Herndon, VA — April 7, 2010 — The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) is organizing four new initiatives to address gaps in organic substrate technologies.  These initiatives will focus on warpage (understanding the causes of, and establishing methods for measuring), wiring density and holistic modeling.

Industry discussions at iNEMI’s Packaging Substrates Workshop (Nagoya, Japan, November 2009) identified and prioritized technology requirements for next-generation organic substrates and packages.  Subsequent discussions by iNEMI-led organizing teams identified opportunities to address industry needs and defined these new initiatives.

“There are very challenging issues and gaps for the industry in the substrate and packaging areas that, if not addressed collaboratively, will impact the continued miniaturization and increasing densities of today’s electronics,” said Bill Bader, CEO of iNEMI. “There is a real concern that substrate technology could become a limiting factor for electronics, both in terms of performance and of continued industry growth.  Judging from the response we’ve received to these new initiatives, it appears we have hit on significant needs that the electronics industry wants to address.  There has been active participation in defining and organizing these new activities, and we have attracted some companies that have not been involved with iNEMI before.”*

*See related press release about new iNEMI members.

The four proposed initiatives are:

Primary Factors in Warpage:  This initiative will focus on gaining a greater understanding of the causes of warpage, particularly in first and second level assembly, in order to better control it.  The team will identify key material properties, process parameters, reflow profiles, package pitches, environmental factors and other contributors that impact warpage. 

Warpage Qualification Criteria:  Current standards do not adequately predict good yield results at 1st and 2nd level assembly.  This initiative proposes to define a qualification method and criteria that will more accurately predict results (e.g., sample size, precondition, variations of material and processes) and establish measurement methods (dimensional and test). 

Wiring Density Program:  This program plans to develop a system-optimized, next-generation plus one technology that focuses on prioritized areas to achieve maximum wiring density at minimal cost (e.g., material set, low-cost lithography/laser, plating, inspection and test). 

Holistic Modeling Process:  The goal is to develop a multilevel design tool to optimize package designs for electrical, mechanical and thermal performance.  The team proposes to identify critical materials properties and proposed specifications for a specific package type; determine data depth/accuracy in critical materials properties required for model effectiveness; and develop a holistic approach by involving data experts from materials, packaging and substrate suppliers. 

These initiatives are still in the organizational stage, and anyone who is interested can participate in the regular teleconferences.  

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