iNEMI Presentations Scheduled at EMPC 2009

LIMERICK, IRELAND (April 27, 2009) — The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI), an industry-led consortium, will showcase several of its activities in presentations at the European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference & Exhibition (EMPC), sponsored by IMAPS Italy, June 15-18 in Rimini, Italy.  iNEMI is also a co-sponsor of the event.

“As one of the longest running conferences, EMPC provides an excellent venue for iNEMI to update the European-based electronics industry on our activities,” said Grace O’Malley, manager, iNEMI Europe.  “We have recently released our 2009 Roadmap, which helps define our technical direction, plus we have active projects addressing environmental concerns, the technology challenges of miniaturization, and medical electronics.  We look forward to discussing several of these initiatives at the conference.”

Technical Paper:  Pb-Free Alloy Alternatives.  A paper entitled “Addressing Opportunities and Risks of Pb-Free Solder Alloy Alternatives,” will summarize results of iNEMI’s Pb-Free Alloy Alternatives Project, which addressed the opportunities and risks of new Pb-free alloys.  The discussion will provide results from the project’s analysis of state-of-the-industry knowledge about Sn-Ag-Cu alloy alternatives and identify focus areas for closing key gaps.  The presentation will also report on progress in updating or creating industry standards to manage the introduction and use of new alloys, and will describe iNEMI’s plans to investigate thermal fatigue reliability of new alloys.

Poster Session:  iNEMI Technology Focuses.  “Closing Technology Knowledge Gaps:  Projects Arising from the iNEMI Technology Roadmap” will review the consortium’s goals in its three main technology areas:  energy and the environment, medical electronics and miniaturization.  It will also cover results from initiatives in each of these three areas, including projects focused on Pb-free alloys and HFR-free substrates, higher density testing and nanosolders, and medical components reliability.

About EMPC
The IMAPS European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference & Exhibition (EMPC) occurs every two years in a different European country, bringing together specialists from industry and academia to address everything in electronics between the chip and the system.

EMPC 2009 will be hosted by IMAPS Italy and is scheduled for June 15-18 in Rimini, Italy.  Co-sponsors include iNEMI, STMicroelectronics, Associazione Microelettronica, Elettronica, Semiconduttori (AMES) and IEEE’s Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology (CMPT) Society.  

About iNEMI
The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative’s mission is to identify and close technology gaps, which includes the development and integration of the electronics industry supply infrastructure.  This industry-led consortium is made up of more than 65 manufacturers, suppliers, industry associations and consortia, government agencies and universities.  iNEMI roadmaps the needs of the electronics industry, identifies gaps in the technology infrastructure, establishes implementation projects to eliminate these gaps (both business and technical), and stimulates standards activities to speed the introduction of new technologies.  The consortium also works with government agencies, universities and other funding agencies to set priorities for future industry needs and R&D initiatives.  iNEMI is based in Herndon, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.), with regional offices in Shanghai, China and Limerick, Ireland.  For additional information about iNEMI, visit

For further information:

Cynthia Williams, iNEMI
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Grace O’Malley, iNEMI-Europe
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