iNEMI / MIT Proposal Receives NIST Funding

A collaborative effort between iNEMI and the MIT Microphotonics Center is one of the first projects to receive funding under the new NIST Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia (AMTech) Program. iNEMI one of only 19 grant recipients announced under the new NIST program, and the largest grant awarded.

The AMTech Program has allocated $539,990 for the iNEMI / MIT Consortium for Integrated Photonic Systems Manufacturing (CIPSM) for a 19-month program that will address the technology gaps and challenges that are limiting the advancement of hardware technology for use in integrated photonic system manufacturing.

As outlined in the joint proposal, CISPM will establish a community of academics, technologists and companies to define gaps and roadblocks for an integrated photonic technology roadmap and build a common manufacturing platform for cost-effective, high-volume manufacturing.

According to Bill Bader, CEO of iNEMI, “The new AMTech Program and CIPSM are both excellent examples of how government, industry and the academic research community can leverage resources and knowledge for the greatest impact.”

Program Management

Former iNEMI CEO Jim McElroy will serve as the Executive Director of CIPSM, with iNEMI Senior Consultant Robert C. Pfahl Jr. and Lionel C. Kimerling, the Thomas Lord Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT and director of the MIT Microphotonics Center, as co-directors.

Additional Information

NIST announcement about the AMTech Program grants (including links to information about all of the proposals funded). 

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