iNEMI and HDP User Group Projects Study the Use of PVC Materials in Computer Cords and Cables

Two studies assess different aspects of HFR/PVC-free

HERNDON, Virginia USA — December 26, 2012 — The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) has published a white paper that profiles studies by two electronics industry consortia that are helping industry move toward halogen-free electronics. Each project represents three years of work, and both were led by Dell Inc., a member of the two consortia.

One of the projects is an iNEMI effort that looked at the global warming potential of PVC alternatives in computer cables and at the recycling/disposal practices in all major geographical regions to understand how power cords are being handled at end of life. The second project is a High Density Packaging (HDP) User Group study that compared technical performance of HFR-free replacement materials used in cable products.

Concerns over release of dioxins from halogenated flame retardants (HFRs) used in electronic products when those products are improperly disposed of has led many of the major global computer manufacturers to phase out HFRs, including bromine, chlorine and PVC. These two projects were organized to help manufacturers with this transition.

“These projects demonstrate that the electronics industry is proactively working to reduce its environmental impact, and that we are making progress,” said Bill Bader, CEO of iNEMI. “One thing is very clear, though — there is no across-the-board, drop-in replacement for HFRs. It is very application-specific and companies must still do considerable work to determine the best solutions for their individual applications and market needs.”

“Nonetheless, the conclusions of these studies are encouraging,” he continued. “iNEMI’s survey of recyclers indicated that the vast majority of PVC cables are being handled responsibly, and we expect that trend to grow, not shrink. In addition,  HDP User Group’s electrical and mechanical study demonstrates that the performance of certain PVC alternative materials has improved. So, progress is definitely being made.”

“Environmental consciousness has become a major part of electronics manufacturing today,” said Marshall Andrews, executive director of HDP User Group.  “The work of HDP User Group, iNEMI and our member companies will help ensure that this manufacturing is efficient, responsible and sustainable.”

Click here for the iNEMI white paper plus links to additional information about these industry projects.

About HDP User Group
HDP User Group ( is a global research and development organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona, dedicated to “reducing the costs and risks for the Electronics Manufacturing industry when using advanced electronic packaging and assembly.” This international industry led group organizes and conducts R&D programs to address the technical issues facing the industry, including design, printed circuit board manufacturing, electronics assembly, and environmental compliance. HDP User Group maintains additional offices in Austin, Texas; Stockholm, Sweden; and Tokyo, Japan.

About iNEMI
The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative’s mission is to forecast and accelerate improvements in the electronics manufacturing industry for a sustainable future.  This industry-led consortium is made up of approximately 100 manufacturers, suppliers, industry associations and consortia, government agencies and universities.  iNEMI roadmaps the needs of the electronics industry, identifies gaps in the technology infrastructure, establishes implementation projects to eliminate these gaps (both business and technical), and stimulates standards activities to speed the introduction of new technologies.  The consortium also works with government agencies, universities and other funding agencies to set priorities for future industry needs and R&D initiatives.  iNEMI is based in Herndon, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.), with regional offices in Shanghai, China; Limerick, Ireland; and Tokyo, Japan.  For additional information about iNEMI, go to

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