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Optical Device Inspection & Cleaning Program Connector Particle Thickness Investigation, Phase 1

Chair:  David Fisher (Tyco Electronics)

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Scope of Work
Previous work by the iNEMI group on assessing the impact of end-face contamination on performance of mated connectors has shown increases in insertion loss and decreases in return loss (increase in reflectance).  While a portion of this is explained by the fact that the contamination is directly over the fiber core(s), there are cases where the contamination surrounds the core but does not obstruct the optical path.

The primary goal of this project is to develop a method that can be used to determine the effect from lens contamination for a given transceiver module with a set of disclosed design parameters, such as wavelength, lens-fiber distance, effective optical area, etc.

Steps for joining the project
On August 2, 2010, the iNEMI Technical Committee approved the SOW and Project Statement, thus beginning the corporate sign-up period for this project.  The project will officially begin as soon as two iNEMI members sign the project statement. The period for becoming a founding member for this project will close on September 10, 2010.

For iNEMI members:

  • Complete and sign the project statement
  • Fax the completed statement(s) to +1 (703) 834-2735 or scan and email to
For non-members:
  • Discuss annual membership fees with Marc Benowitz in North America (, Haley Fu in Asia (, or Grace O'Malley in Europe (
  • Complete the iNEMI membership documents. (Click here for the required forms.)   
  • Fax the completed documents to +1 (703) 834-2735 or scan and email to
  • Complete and sign the project statement
  • Fax the completed statements to +1 (703) 834-2735 or scan and email to

Statement of Work and Project Statement (PDF files)

    Statement of Work (Version 3.1; August 2, 2010)

    Project Statement (Version 3.1; August 2, 2010) (initial sign up ends September 10, 2010)

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