Data Exchange Convergence Project (completed)

NEMI launched the Data Exchange Convergence Project in early 2001 to "converge" GenCAM and ODB++ into a single XLM-based data exchange format. The goal: to enable accurate, efficient data exchange between the designers and manufacturers of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and printed circuit assemblies (PCAs). This NEMI project was completed in late 2001 and resulted in a recommendation for standardization that started with Valor's ODB++ (X) as a foundation and integrated missing elements from IPC's GenCAM. IPC approved the creation of a new standards committee (2-17) to develop this standard, and the group had its first meeting at IPC Expo in late March 2002. (NEMI project leaders Dana Korf of Sanmina-SCI and Henry Jurgens of Celestica are chairing the IPC standards committee.) The group is targeting the second quarter of 2003 for the first release of the data exchange standard. This release will cover board fabrication and assembly. Specifications are being developed so that additional features and capabilities can be easily added in future releases.


Convergence Recommendation

NEMI recommendation memo (12.17.02)

Industry feedback

Survey results: solution providers (9.21.01)
Survey results: users (11.7.01)
Questionnaire (PDF)

Companies participating in final vote

Press Releases

NEMI Convergence Project Closes In on Single Standard for CAD/CAM Data Exchange (1.21.02)

NEMI Seeks Broad Electronics Industry Participation in Data Exchange Convergence Project (01.23.01)


Association Voices: "CAD/CAM Data Exchange-Cooperative Competition is Key!" Jim McElroy, EP&P, August 2002, p.24 (requires log-in).

"NEMI: Convergence Project Focuses Industry Effort on Developing a Single Standard for CAD/CAM Data Exchange," Jim McElroy, GOOD-DIE Newsletter, Newsletter 12 (April 2002). (Note: log onto site and select newsletter, then Newsletter 12.)

"NEMI Data Exchange Convergence: Meeting an Industry Need" Jim McElroy, CircuiTree, June 2001, p. 106 (sidebar to "All Together Now: Data Design Exchange for New Product Introduction," Randy Allen and David Bergman, p. 106).

"The Quest for a Single CAD/CAM Data Exchange Standard," Henry Jurgens and Dana Korf, Circuits Assembly online exclusive, May 2000.


APEX 2002 (January 24, 2002)

 "Data Exchange Convergence: Recommendation for Standards Initiation" Jim McElroy

 "OEM Perspective" Dan O'Neill, Lucent Technologies

 "An EMS Perspective" Henry Jurgens, Celestica

 "Data Convergence: Why is it critical? (PWB perspective)" Dana Korf, Sanmina (presented by George Arrigotti, Intel)

APEX 2001 (January 15, 2001)

NEMI Data Exchange Convergence Project (PDF)

Call for participation (PDF)

Meeting summary

"NEMI Data Exchange Convergence Project," proposal presented by Dieter Bergman, IPC; John Cartwright, Intel; Chuck Feingold, Valor (October 17, 2000)

"NEMI Data Exchange Convergence Next Steps," John Cartwright, Intel (October 17, 2000)