Rare Earth Metals Assessment and Supply Chain Actions


Statement of Work and Project Statement

White Paper


The primary purpose of this project is to gather information related to the probability of a shortage of Rare Earth Metals occurring in the very near future, pinpoint when demand will exceed supply, and identify key driving factors. The project is also intended to drive actions that will increase supply and examine the feasibility of reclamation/recycling efforts. Development of alternative materials will also be investigated. These project activities are designed to prevent companies from becoming victims of the volatile REM supply and highlight any reductions which would lead to supply chain and market disruptions.
Additionally, the project will raise awareness of the severity and potential impact of REM supply issues with appropriate governmental agencies and industry trade groups.
There are 5 project tasks that will be addressed by the project team. Details describing each of the tasks listed below can be found in the Statement of Work. All iNEMI members are encouraged to review the SOW and Project Statement and sign-up for this important project.
  1. Organize actions with industry groups and government agencies to increase the overall supply of REMs and to develop additional supply sources
  2. Orchestrate focused R&D efforts to investigate the feasibility of using alternative materials and alternative technologies that do not rely on REMs
  3. Collaborate with interested industry, academia and government agencies to establish and reinstitute a working infrastructure
  4. Work to establish rare earth metal reclamation and recycling industries
  5. Monitor the political and REM materials aspects of the world scene
The ultimate goals of the project are to assist in the re-establishment of a viable REM industry in the U.S., to develop skills, and to rebuild and restructure the REM supply chain and infrastructure.

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