Reducing HFRs and PVC in the Electronics Supply Chain

The following presentations and recording are from the August 1, 2011 webinar. This same webinar was repeated on August 29, 2011 with slightly different speakers. 
Presentations  (a single PDF file that includes the following presentations)
Environmentally Conscious Electronics iNEMI Roadmap Overview Relative to HFR and PVC, Jackie Adams (IBM)
iNEMI Low-Halogen Position Statement and PVC Alternatives Project, Scott O'Connell (Dell)
HFR-Free Leadership Program and HFR-Free High-Reliability PCB Project, Stephen Tisdale (Intel)
Connectors by Family and Technology; Alternatives, Challenges; Technologies Available Today, David Bender (TE Connectivity)
HFR-Free HTPA and PVC-Free Material Alternatives, Status and Challenges, Tamim Sidiki (DSM)
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