Advancing Manufacturing Technology


The rapid globalization of high-tech innovation and manufacturing has caused serious concerns about the future competitiveness of our industrial infrastructure.  Sustained growth of the electronics industry requires development of disruptive technologies, innovative products, and advanced manufacturing processes.  However, industrial research has consistently downsized over the past two decades.  It is, therefore, important for industry to aggressively encourage academic and institutional R&D centers to focus on innovation to meet technology needs and identified R&D gaps.

Expanding Our Research Agenda

iNEMI is constantly working to expand our collaborative research membership and projects. Our growing list of research institutes and university-based research programs is helping bring greater focus to research on meaningful, longer-range manufacturing gaps in order to fill the technology pipeline with new innovations.

Setting Research Priorities

Part of iNEMI's planning methodology is to develop a 10-year research vision to help focus limited R&D resources in order to ensure development of the innovative technologies required to maintain the growth of the electronics industry.  Research needs are identified and prioritized through the iNEMI roadmaps and follow-on gap analysis activities.  These prioritized needs are the core of the iNEMI Research Priorities and are distributed as resource materials for industry, research institutes and funding agencies. In addition, the iNEMI Technical Plan sets the agenda for the consortium's collaborative efforts.