iNEMI shares select information from our roadmaps and projects with the industry. Some information is available to members only, and some is shared more broadly. 


We regularly schedule project webinars — call-for-participation events to inform industry about new projects that are forming, mid-term reports, and end-of-project webinars to share results. In 2021, we sponsored a Technology Topics series of webinars that focused on 5G electronics, advanced packaging, board assembly and eco-design. This series featured speakers who are experts in their respective fields sharing information about technology trends and innovations in the four tech topic areas. During years when a new roadmap is published, we typically have a series of webinars to highlight findings in key technology areas. See the latest webinar presentations (organized by technology area). 

Conference Presentations & Workshops

iNEMI teams present results and findings at technical conferences around the world. In addition, iNEMI organizes workshops focusing on specific topic areas, typically held in conjunction with industry conferences, and organizes conference sessions to showcase iNEMI project and roadmap results. See the latest reports and conference presentations (organized by technology area).    


Our monthly newsletter keeps members and non-members updated on upcoming events and provides access to the latest presentations and reports that are available. We also have a newsletter that is more features-oriented and provides in-depth discussion of project and roadmap information. This newsletter is currently being revamped and will debut later this year.    

Social Media

Follow us on LinkedIn for notices about upcoming events as well as the latest presentations and reports that are available. And be sure to check out our YouTube channel — most of our webinars are recorded and available online.