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iNEMI Roadmap Update (APEX 2017)

This Buzz Session presentation provides an overview of the 2017 iNEMI Roadmap and includes highlights from the IoT Product Sector, Sustainable Electronics and Interconnect Substrates - Organic chapters.

iNEMI Forum at EGG 2016

This iNEMI forum — Recycling electronics alone won’t save the planet (or make you rich) — included presentations from a group of panelists plus open discussion among forum participants. Discussions focused on how the electronics industry might develop a value recovery approach for electronics reuse and recycling. Presentations from the forum panelists are available for download.

Connector Reliability Presentation-SMTAI 2016

This paper summarizes their findings of the iNEMI Connector Reliability Test Recommendations Project and reviews a multi-level interconnect hierarchy and a matrix of application classes defined by the project team. It also discusses possible connector reliability test strategies based on the interconnect hierarchy developed.


Board Assist Self-Test (BA-BIST): Short-Term and Long-Term Strategies for Use Case Standardization

This presentation introduces the concept of board-assist (BA-BIST) as enhanced IC BIST functionality for board testability and fault isolation. It discusses the board defects targeted by BA-BIST, the most required BISTs, industry “use cases” for board test BA-BIST, and the relation to existing standards. (Presented at APEX 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.)

Recent Trends of Package Warpage Characteristic

Dynamic warpage trends for package-on-package and its memory, plastic ball grid array and flipped chip ball grid array packages are presented to provide an overview of current industry trends of package warpage. The effect of bake and manufacturing exposure time on package dynamic warpage and the challenges in quantifying shape will be discussed and recommended for future package warpage characterization. (Presented at the 2015 ICEP conference in Kyoto, Japan.)

The Increasing Importance & Challenges of Packaging in The 21st Century

This presentation highlights information from the 2015 Roadmap, focusing on packaging technology. (Presented at ISMP 2015, Seoul, Korea.)

Testing Printed Circuit Boards for Creep Corrosion in Flowers of Sulfur Chamber 

The iNEMI Creep Corrosion project discusses the flowers-of-sulfur (FOS) based qualification test it developed to determine creep corrosion on printed-circuit boards (PCBs). This paper reviews details of the testing completed and results of several of the test runs. The team is recommending this test be considered by the industry as a qualification test for creep corrosion on PCBs. (Presented at SMTA International 2015, Rosemont, Illinois USA.)

Relative Humidity Dependence of Creep Corrosion on Organic Acid Flux Soldered Printed Circuit Boards

This presentation, presented by Prabjit Singh (IBM Corporation), was part of the APEX 2017 Technical Conference Session S04: Corrosion/ SIR Reliability I.

Assessment of Reliability Standards for Implantable Medical Electronics

The Reliability Requirements for Implantable Medical Devices Project focused on defining requirements for implantable reliability specifications (specifically, FDA class 3 devices). This paper reports on the project’s review of existing reliability, quality and safety standards specific to implantable electronic devices. It includes the results of an industry survey of commonly used/modified test standards, and makes recommendations regarding test standards to be developed.  (ICEP 2015, Kyoto, Japan.)

Electronic Industry Collaboration - Critical 21st Century Supply Chain Tools

This keynote presentation reviews 2015 Roadmap highlights from several product sectors (portable/wireless, automotive, medical) plus the MEMS technology chapter. It also discusses examples of collaborative projects and emphasizes the advantages of industry collaboration. (2015 International Conference on Soldering & Reliability, Toronto, Canada) 

iNEMI Project on Automotive Electronic Material Challenges

The Automotive Electronic Material Challenges Project team discusses the dominant failure mechanisms in automotive electronics for selected components and materials. They also analyze the correlation of material properties to specific environmental conditions, identify gaps between standard consumer electronic test methods and typical automotive test conditions, and present their methodology for analysis. (Presented at ICEPT 2015, Changsha, China.)

High Performance Packaging - What Does the Future Hold? 

This presentation provides highlights of the iNEMI Packaging Roadmap, including packaging trends. high-performance packaging technologies, and packaging challenges.  (2014 High Performance Packaging Workshop, Oxford, England.) 

Trends and Challenges for Data Centers - Highlights from the 2015 iNEMI Technology Roadmap

Based on the 2015 iNEMI Roadmap, this presentation looks at what's happening in the market and in the industry, reviews new technology developments, identifies what is needed for the future, and discusses how collaboration and reduce risk and accelerate transformation. (Presented at the University of Manchester’s Datacentre Transformation Manchester 2015; Manchester, England.)

Investigation into Challenges of Using .BSDL

This presentation discusses the Boundary Scan Project’s investigation into the challenges of using .bdsl files and reports the results of a survey focused on .bsdl file generation, validation, and industry usage. (Presented at APEX 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.)