SMTA Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium

February 14-16, 2012
Kauai, Hawaii

2011 iNEMI Technology Roadmap and Its Place in Fulfilling the iNEMI Mission, Roadmap Plenary Session, presented by Bill Bader (iNEMI)

Investigation of Factors That Influence Creep Corrosion (session keynote), Haley Fu (iNEMI), P.J. Somgh and Jing Zhang (IBM Corporation), Anil Kurella (Intel Corporation), Xu Chen and Xiaodong Jiang (Alcatel-Lucent), Jennifer Burlingame (Cisco); presented by Prabjit Singh (IBM)     paper    presentation

Developing the iNEMI Research Plan from the Roadmap, Alan Rae (NanoMaterials Innovation Center), presented by Bill Bader (iNEMI)

PCB Dynamic Co-Planarity at Lead-Free SMT Temperatures (session keynote), John Davignon (Intel Corporation), Ken Chiavone and Jiahui Pan (Akrometrix), James Henzi (Cisco), David Mendez and Ron Kulterman (Flextronics International); presented by John Davignon