Presentations - SMTA/iNEMI Medical Symposium

Select presentations from the 2013 SMTA/iNEMI Medical Electronics Symposium (November 12-13; 2013; Milpitas, California)
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Day 1 – November 12, 2013
Session 1: Reliability Manufacturing
Addressing the More Than Moore Reliability Challenges from within the OEM Community
Erik Jung, Fraunhofer IZM
Establishing Effective Accelerated Testing Conditions and Criteria for Confirming Medical Electronics Reliability for HDI Circuits
Don Banks, St. Jude Medical
Co-authors: Rema Nair, St. Jude Medical and Bill Birch, PWB
Designing More Reliable Medical Products
Mike Silverman, Ops A LA Carte
Session 2:  Miniaturization
Flex Based Embedded Die Packaging: 3D System in Packages for Medical Electronics Miniaturization
Ted Tessier, FlipChip International
How Small Can It Be?
Markus Wille, Schoeller Electronics
Electronic Modules for Medical Applications – Miniaturization and Functionalization of a Printed Circuit Board
Alexander Kasper, AT&S AG
Wireless Communication & Charging Platform for Solid State Batteries in Miniature Implantable Medical Devices
Andrew Kelly, Cactus Semiconductor Inc.
Session 3: Cleaning
How Component Cleanliness is Affecting Field Performance of No Clean High Reliability Products
Terry Munson, Foresite
Design Rules for Cleaning Medical Electronic Circuitry
Dale Lee, Plexus Corporation
Reliability Requirements for Class III Medical Assemblies
Ravi Parthasarathy, M.S.Chem.Eng., ZESTRON America
Session 4: Reliability Design
Simplify Selection and Improve Reliability Of Small Form Factor Resistors, Capacitors, and Magnetics Used In Medical Devices
Pat Gormally, Vishay
Co-authors: Jared Adsero- Vishay Inductors, Jason Petheram- Vishay Inductors and Molly Olver, Vishay Thin
Film Resistors
Medical Device Substrate Reliability
Hans-Peter Klein, Dyconex AG
Shock Resistant and Thermally Reliable Low Ag SAC Solder Doped With Mn
Ning-Cheng Lee, Indium Corporation
Day 2 – November 13, 2013
Session 5: Emerging Technologies
Using Nanocoatings: Opportunities & Challenges for Medical Devices
Cheryl Tulkoff, DfR Solutions
Winning with Emerging Medical Technologies
Bruce Kline, Mayo Clinic Ventures
Exploration of Additive Manufacturing to Medical Device Electronics
Steve Crynock, GE Research
Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Predictive Analytics
Celeste Fralick, Intel Corporation
Session 6: Trends 1
Tin Whiskers 101
Ron Lasky, Ph.D., Indium Corporation
RoHS2 Data: A Much Needed Solution for the Medical Industry
Tierney Powers, SiliconExpert
Qualification Methods for Portable Devices
Grady White, NIST
Panel Discussion
iNEMI Roadmap/Project Panel Discussion Introductory Presentation
Chuck Richardson, iNEMI
Session 7: Trends 2
Key Strategies for Medical Microelectronics
Fred Sporon-Fielder, Micro Systems Engineering, an MST Company
Engineering Development Solutions Using a Global Engineering Team
Scott Gleason, Plexus Engineering Solutions
Outsourcing Trends for Medical Products
Gelston Howell, Sanmina Corporation
Opportunity Analysis for of EMS Providers in the Medical Industry
Kiran Unni, Frost & Sullivan