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Organic PCB  

 Organic PCB  
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The Organic PCB chapter summarizes the technology needs for rigid PCB, flexible circuits and optical circuits, and includes the gaps and challenges that need to be addressed to meet the expectations of the various product groups.

In particular, the 2019 chapter discusses the impact of the growing complexity of components resulting in increased numbers of terminations with reducing pitch, leading to the need for complex multilayer PCB constructions including micro-via interconnects and very fine features. Also considered are the development of specialized materials and fabrications techniques such as mSAP, which are required for high-speed processors and applications. The thermal management challenges for high-density electronics, especially when passive and active components are embedded within a multilayer PCB, are also considered. An update on optical PCB development and the manufacturing challenges likely to be addressed in the future is also given.

The chapter covers how advanced technologies used for organic semiconductor packaging substrates are being adapted for advanced HDI PCBs, a trend that will continue over the next 10 years into ‘mainstream’ PCB products. PCB fabricators and the supply chain must prepare for these demands driven by miniaturization and increased functionality of products. Specific product demands of 5G communications will enable, for example, connected autonomous vehicles and will drive the development of new materials and manufacturing methods in the near to mid term.