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Mass Data Storage

 Mass Data Storage
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Mass data storage technology for digital electronic systems is evolving and expanding in importance and impact. This chapter presents a comprehensive assessment of the historical and current state of the art of mass data storage products along with promising means of increasing optical storage capacity in the future. Some of the key trends highlighted in this chapter include:

• Solid state/flash storage migration to 3D architecture
- Introduction of 3D X-point / phase change technology
- MRAM continuing to find applications – e.g., suitable for IoT and embedded electronics

• Hard disk drive (HDD) near-term volumes are down due to
- IT spending not growing
- Migration from client/server to mobile/cloud systems
- Higher utilization of available HDD capacity

• The introduction of HAMR/MAMR (head-assisted and microwave-assisted magnet recording) will be an important enabler to maintain growth of HDD areal density

• Tape will continue to be cost effective and show capacity progress

• Optical will continue to find niche applications