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High-End Systems

 High-End Systems
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The High-End Systems product sector reflects the transformation from independent computer, storage, and network systems to include integrated systems units. This chapter assesses four market segments: high-performance computing and mainframes, data centers, service provider equipment, and enterprise communication equipment.

High-performance computing is continuing to evolve, driven by increasing applications for use of artificial intelligence (AI), and advancements in cognitive and quantum computing that leverage highly parallel architectures. Data centers have a significant impact on infrastructure markets as the backbone of the rapid growth of cloud computing services, web, and Internet commerce. The proliferation of interconnected devices and the resulting amount of data that needs to be communicated, analyzed and stored drives the growth of all sectors.

This PEG chapter describes the data bandwidth, power efficiency, thermal management and environmental conditions in which the systems operate, plus identifies the technology challenges ahead. To address these challenges, it presents the need for advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration technologies, optical interconnection, silicon photonics, new materials and design features to maximize the reach of electrical interconnect, and power regulation integration to improve efficiency.

This chapter includes a key attributes spreadsheet enumerating the trending needs for this product sector over the next decade, including printed circuit board (PCB) costs, power, I/O densities, and assembly technologies.