Technical Planning

iNEMI helps members capitalize on business opportunities evolving from new technologies. Because the infrastructure required to efficiently provision the customer base is so broad and diverse, iNEMI’s planning methodology centers on helping our members focus on high-impact areas where they can truly make a difference. 
The foundation of this work is the iNEMI roadmap, which defines the future technology requirements of the global electronics industry, and identifies and prioritizes technology and infrastructure gaps. With that information in place, we then:
  1. Identify the major areas on which iNEMI will focus based on member need, participation and ability to make a business impact.  
  2. Conduct a gap analyses in these areas to identify the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.
  3. Create a five-year plan for each focus area that identifies the projects and activities deemed necessary to close the identified gaps. These plans serve as the iNEMI Technical Plan and become the basis for the formation of iNEMI projects.  Distribution of this plan is limited to iNEMI member organizations.
  4. Develop a 10-year vision of research needs based on the needs identified in the iNEMI roadmap. The resulting document — the iNEMI Research Priorities — helps focus limited R&D resources in order to ensure development of the innovative technologies required to maintain the growth of the electronics industry. This vision is shared widely with academia, government agencies and research institutes.
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