Semiconductor Package Miniaturization Test Vehicle for Medical Applications Program, Phase 1 (Survey and Design Proposal for Test Vehicle Project)





Project Leaders

Co-Project Leader: Fred Sporon-Fiedler (MSEI)
Co-Project Leader: Michael Mayer (University of Waterloo)
iNEMI Staff: David Godlewski

Statement of Work and Project Statement


Device size reduction for medical applications enables patient comfort, increases the ease of implants, and increases the speed of implanting devices. The historical medical device size decrease trend will continue, in some cases dramatically; for example, pacemakers are going from 12cc to <1 cc.

Device form factors are evolving (flat can, cylindrical, conforming, etc.), and high density semiconductor package technology is a commonality across all form factors.  Currently, semiconductor packaging approaches are geared toward consumer applications where ~square packaging is acceptable.  This is sub-optimal for certain medical devices.  As a result, a need exists to develop/characterize semiconductor packages optimized for medical device form factors.

Purpose of Project

A pre-competitive miniaturization investigation in semiconductor package form factors optimized for medical applications including:

  • Cylindrical Devices:  Multiple die stacks with hexagonal form factor
  • Long/Thin Medical Devices: Multiple die stacks with high aspect ratio (>20) die shapes

The project will result in the definition of a test vehicle to measure quality characteristics for evaluation of specific component packaging technology options for advanced miniaturization of high-reliability medical applications.

Further Information