Reports describes how iNEMI project team demonstrated a circular economy for used electronics

This report, from Phase 2 of iNEMI’s Value Recovery from Used Electronics project, describes how the project successfully used end-of-life hard disk drives (HDDs) to demonstrate a viable process toward the development of a multi-stakeholder circular economy. 
The project was organized explicitly using the Ostrom Framework as a self-managing, sustainable system, and the team went beyond the theoretical in demonstrating major value recovery pathways for used HDDs in a circular economy.    
The Value Recovery report details how the project team:
  • 1Constructed a set of decision trees to identify the options (pathways) at each step in the value recovery chain in the context of a circular economy.

  • 2Developed economic models, life cycle assessments and logistics models to determine which value recovery options generate the highest value/profit by type and size of drive.

  • 3Completed demonstration projects to prove the efficacy of major critical-to-market circular economy pathways.

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