Seminar on Humidity Robustness and Insulation Coordination for e-Mobility

About the Seminar

E-mobility brings with it many new possibilities. However, with the next generation of high-voltage vehicles, challenges also arise in terms of insulation coordination. Therefore, it is important to find approaches to minimize potential failure mechanisms, ensure moisture resistance and make the best use of the latest technology.

To assess the risk of failures and minimize damage, it is important to understand the requirements and their implementation in detail. Insulation materials and design play an important role but it is also essential to consider the potential problems that the level of contamination on the assembly in ionic and/or particulate can cause. Join us to learn more about the challenges of insulation coordination and how to maximize the advantages of the latest technology.

This seminar, co-sponsored by iNEMI, ZESTRON Europe and ECPE, and hosted by ZESTRON Europe, will provide an interactive platform where participants can discuss and share knowledge and experience on topics such as:

  • Key requirements and implementation challenges in the automotive industry

  • Latest developments in high voltage standardization

  • Overview of challenges for insulation coordination

  • Discussion of use cases

This full-day event will be held at ZESTRON Europe’s Ingolstadt, Germany location and will include a tour of the company’s European Analytical Center & Technical Center.
Lunch will be provided onsite, along with coffee breaks and snacks.

Agenda / Speaker Biolographies & Abstracts

Download detailed agenda (PDF)

Speaker biographies & abstracts


Who Should Attend

People in the automotive electronics supply chain, including:

  • Product managers

  • Hardware R&D

  • Reliability engineers

  • Process engineers


Benefits of Attending

This seminar will give you an update on the latest trends and best practices in automotive electronics, focusing on humidity robustness and insulation coordination. It also gives you the opportunity to meet and network with technical leaders and experts from the automotive electronics supply chain.


Registration fee: $450.00 US
Payment accepted: Mastercard, VISA, American Express
Registration is closed. Please contact Kaitlyn Turner ( for additional information.


1 February 2024
Bunsenstraße 6
85053 Ingolstadt, Germany

Additional Information

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Event parking will be available onsite at ZESTRON. A parking map with be sent with your registration confirmation.