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    Circularity Challenges in Electronics Manufacturing

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  • iNEMI Vision

    To enable an electronics ecosystem for a better world.

  • iNEMI Mission

    To be the premier collaboration forum to forecast and accelerate improvements in the electronics manufacturing industry.

  • Roadmap the Future

    iNEMI roadmaps future opportunities and challenges
    for the electronics manufacturing industry, identifying 
    major trends in technology evolution across
    numerous disciplines, defining critical gaps and
    prioritizing R&D needs.

  • Leverage Through Collaboration

    iNEMI projects address industry knowledge gaps,
    focusing the efforts of several organizations on a single
    industry-widen problem to accelerate resolution and
    ensure technology readiness when your
    business requires it.

Accelerate Innovation  

Think strategically, collaborate wisely, solve creatively

The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) is a not-for-profit R&D consortium of leading electronics manufacturers and suppliers, along with associations, government agencies, and universities. iNEMI roadmaps the future technology requirements of the global electronics manufacturing industry, identifies and prioritizes technology and infrastructure gaps, and helps eliminate those gaps through timely, high-impact collaborations among our members. These collaborations support our members' businesses and help drive the industry by accelerating the deployment of new technologies, developing industry infrastructure, stimulating standards development, and disseminating efficient business practices. In short, we effectively and efficiently bring the latest, greatest technologies to you!


Member Organizations

Our members encompass the full electronics ecosystem — OEMs, EMS/ODM/OSATs, component & material suppliers, equipment vendors, software providers, university & research laboratories, government agencies, industry associations. 


Active Projects

Our projects address industry knowledge gaps, focusing on common problems best addressed through industry collaboration and in direct alignment with members’ commercial interests. 


Like the industry, our members are global, with headquarters in 21 countries and locations worldwide.



Since 1994, we have roadmapped the future technology requirements of the global electronics industry, identifying and prioritizing technology and infrastructure gaps.


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iNEMI's collaborative projects eliminate technology gaps, set direction for future technology, and drive standardization to reduce cost & complexity.


iNEMI roadmaps provide a 10-year outlook for electronics manufacturing, anticipating technology needs and identifying gaps.


Through the combined power of iNEMI's global membership, we efficiently drive technology development and deployment across the global supply chain.